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A gemologist is an expert in all areas of the diamond business – from the verification and classification stage, all the way to the transaction and trading stage.
All gemologists we work with receive their training at the National Institute of Gemology (ING).
Personalized support with our team of experts will help you determine the best strategy for making a profit in diamonds.

The broker is a key player in the supply and demand of rough diamonds on the international market. He/she provides the source of acquiring diamonds from production sites or extraction mines – strictly according to the Kimberley Process.
Our team of brokers negotiates directly from the primary diamond sources in order to avoid intermediate charges. Therefore, you will enjoy the same prices that a traders and Jewelry stores receive.
Faced with increasing demand and lack of supply, more and more individuals wishing to diversify their capital look to the diamond investment with Premium Diamond.

HRD, GIA , and IGI, are the three main gemological laboratories that test and certify our diamonds transforming a rough stone into a “cut” stone.

HRD Institute of Gemology is located in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium and is Europe’s leading authority in Diamond Certification.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the largest and most respected non-profit institute of precious gem study in the world.  Its two main sites are located in the United States and Botswana.
Finally, the IGI laboratory specializing in cut diamonds less than 0.5 carat, is located in the United States and Asia (Thailand, Japan, India).

According to the diamond industry and the data gathered, there is a major scarcity of diamond deposits, causing a significant increase in the price of rough diamonds. In fact, experts estimate that within 10 years there will be a reduction of 12% in the global production of rough diamonds.

There are three diamond companies that share 75% of the global market of rough diamonds: De Beers, Alrosa and Riotanto. Only these three entities are authorized to operate the different diamond mines operating in the world and offer them to key players in the profession.
Premium Diamond is directly involved in buying after the extraction of rough diamonds (again without intermediaries).

A simple registration to our investment platform will allow you to discover, in real time, our available stones. Our dealers, located all over the world negotiate and hand pick each diamond directly from the source, in order to offer the most competitive rates on the market.

In December of 2000, the General Assembly of the UN adopted a resolution in favor of the creation of an international certification framework for rough diamonds. The CSPK was adopted in 2003 by the European Union and was put into action the same year.

Since November 2012, over 80 countries are involved. They account for 99.8% of global production of rough diamonds.

The purpose of this process is very clear: to prevent and curb the development of the rough diamond black market. The reason being, that the rough diamond black market is used primarily to finance wars in countries affected by armed conflict.

The second objective of these resolutions is to protect and develop the legitimate market for developing countries, representing a major economic pillar for the countries that produce and organize the extraction of rough diamonds.

The CSPK is issued annually by the producing countries of rough diamonds. Premium Diamond attaches great importance to the respect and fairness of the international rough diamond market.

Accompanying our investors towards the best financial investments remains heart of our business. Thus, Premium Diamond has chosen, unlike other investment platforms, to only focus on the profitability of your diamond and not its democratization. However, if that is your desire, Premium Diamond will be able to refer you to professionals Jewelers worthy of the name.

Premium Diamond garuntees that our Diamonds are 100% secure in storage vaults located in Geneva, Switzerland.
As soon as you purchase your Diamond, a storage contract is immediately delivered to you by our banking service arriving to your doorstep no more than 7 business days.

Storage is of course anonymous and the boxed contents remain transferable at any time. A tracing number will be written on the diamond packaging itself, as well as being placed underneath the seal.

You are obviously the physical owner of your investment diamonds. Subject to payment of delivery costs, it is possible to receive your diamonds home as soon as you wish.

An appointment with a gemologist fixed in advance by phone or directly on our platform is available for any necessary advice or information.

This will enable you to ensure the quality and value of your property.

For reasons of security and privacy, access to the safe is only allowed to the private investor in the company of employees designated by Premium Diamond and authorized by the storage company.

Delivery of your stones is provided by Brink’s or Malka Amit, two world-renowned companies specializing in the transportation of highly valued goods.
Delivery will be done by Premium Diamond to the destination selected for your purchase. Full payment will be required prior to delivery of your stone.
Because security and privacy are two important aspects of our policy, receiving the diamond can only be made by the account holder at Premium Diamond, upon presentation of an ID or valid passport valid.

Upon investing 25,000 Euros, delivery to the destination of your choice will be offered.

Of course! We advise you to speak with one of our experts before purchasing a diamond. Investing in diamonds requires knowledge, trust and, deep attention.
You have the opportunity to make an appointment by telephone, via our platform.

In case of death of a Premium Diamond investor, Premium Diamond will continue to store the diamonds until receiving instructions from rights holders on submission of succession devolution documents or to the notary mandated to settle the estate.
Only these legal documents will be considered. A law designating the investor account of our platform will have no power over the release of stones stored in the safe of our partner.

As required by law, the fees and expenses incurred following the death of an investor mentioned in the estate file will be fully supported by having the official right, previously appointed by the notary in charge of the file.

To validate his/her registration and identity on our platform, an investor must submit:

  • Copy of a passport or an identity document valid, if necessarily from the home country of the member registered with our services.
  • Proof of Address
  • Copy of the front Side of the Credit Card (Showing the First 6 and last 4 digits, Name and expiration date – four corners, valid and colored)
  • Copy of the back Side of the Credit Card (showing the first 6 and last 4 digits, name, expiration date and signature [If relevant] – four corners, valid and colored)
  • The coordinates of at least one active and valid bank account, which will then be associated with the account created on our platform.

In view of the elements in our possession, Premium Diamond individually validates each record and reserves the right to refuse membership in case of suspicion of fraud.

Many laboratories worldwide are responsible for analyzing and certifying your diamond. The best known are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the High Diamond Council (HRD) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).
However, it becomes obvious that these laboratories do not have the same rigorous analysis and certification.
In order to provide full transparency and ensure the quality of our stones, Premium Diamond has chosen to entrust its certifications to three laboratories: GIA, HRD, and IGI.

The resale of diamonds held by our clients is an important part of our business.
Whether an investment diamond or an inheritance, you have the opportunity on our platform to upload the certificate associated with it.
After reviewing this information, you will receive a redemption proposal directly via our platform or in your e-mail, seamlessly and securely.

Diamonds not mounted or set are classified as furnished property and are taxed on the Premium gain on resale.
However, for any transaction less than 5,000 Euros, a VAT exemption is applicable.
Namely: the exemption applies only in the case of free zone storage in our highly secure deposit safes, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you wish to deliver your diamond directly to yourself, the VAT of the destination country will apply (e.g. France 20%, Belgium 21%, Germany 19% etc.)