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why are diamonds is the best investment for you?

Nowadays, a profitable investment is hard to find. Almost every market, from real estate to stock markets, shows instabilities and drops can occur without previous notice. Even gold is directly dependent on the changes that influence the USD, and its value can change instantly. Despite all this, the diamond market has been showing a high increase in profits with each passing year.

What makes diamonds superior to any other investment option is the fact that this commodity can’t be evaluated by a single criteria, for example, the ratio of the price per weight.

In fact, diamonds are assessed in four different plains: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.

The diamond’s Cut is considered as a work of art which makes it difficult to standardize the stone’s price. However, expert evaluators have developed assessment standards based on the “stone by stone” method, making the classification process as objective as possible.


Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. When investing in diamonds you shouldn’t be concern that its value will decries due to aging. A diamond is never break or wear off. The only thing you should do is to keep it in a safe place and make sure you don’t lose it.


One of the main benefits when it comes to investing in diamonds is the independent value exchange rates and the changes in tax regulations in different countries that can affect your decision-making process. While investing in any other resource is a long term commitment, diamonds are internationally known as a payment method, and you can always liquefy your assets and trade it for cash or other services without giving it a second thought.


Certified diamonds of 0.5 carat and more, which are not classified as jewelry, fall under the Works of Art category. Due to this fact, they are not subjected to taxation laws regarding capital gain for any resale transaction under 5000 €. The free taxation refers to the duty-free zone where our storage units are located as well.


Diamonds are considered as a safe physical asset with negligible risk, if at all: at the end of the day, it is a matter of natural resources. The fact is, diamonds are rare. There are only few countries holding diamond mines and there hasn’t been a development in the industry in recent years.

The demand for diamonds is soaring high while the supply is dwindling in a blink of an eye, according to macroeconomic analysis of the Diamond Industry:

A few years back, countries like China and India had nearly no demand for diamond jewelry, but now the demand is growing in a fast pace. New markets join in on the excitement, and because the diamonds supply is quite limited, the diamonds future is brighter than it ever was

Profits Increase 8%
Demanded Increase 80%
Supply Decrease 70%